Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Compassionate Left and the Coldhearted Right

Feeling good versus doing good. July 10, 2017  Mark Tapson  38   Shortly after Ronald Reagan first moved into the White House in 1981, a single-panel cartoon appeared in The New Yorker depicting an older, wealthy, white couple strolling down a sidewalk past a homeless man begging for change. Referring to the beggar, the female half of the couple – stereotypically wrapped in a fur coat, dripping in jewels, and nose in the air – said to her equally haughty husband something like, “To hell with him. There’s a Republican in the White House now.”  I’m probably butchering the punch line but it wasn’t any funnier in the original, and in any case it wasn’t intended so much to be funny as it was to reinforce the left’s bigoted perception of Republicans as rich, old, white, and most significantly, heartless.  I was reminded of this old cartoon by a rather pathetic recent Huffington Post essay called, “I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People,” which embodied this common misperception of conservatives as unfeeling, greedy monsters who hate the poor, the sick, the underprivileged, the nonwhite........Huffington Post is bloated with such frankly stupid blog posts demonizing conservatives.........It isn’t that conservatives are heartless, of course; we simply have a different (not to mention effective) philosophy about solving such ills as poverty, joblessness, and lack of affordable health care..........It’s true, there is a fundamental divide between Democrats and Republicans today, but the problem lies not in opening up a conservative’s hard heart but opening up a Progressive’s hard head...........so-called liberals.......... cannot look beyond themselves to notice that their conspicuous compassion is not helping. But hey, at least it makes them feel good...........To Read More....

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