Thursday, July 20, 2017

The People’s Constitutional Solution to Fixing Washington

David Guldenschuh July 20, 2017

The election of Donald Trump is the product of America’s discontent with an ineffectual and dysfunctional federal government. Key voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, among many others, chose a candidate they believed would shake up Washington, D.C. rather than one they viewed as part of its establishment. Thus, they handed the White House to the current administration in the Electoral College, notwithstanding a contrary popular vote.

Both national parties may assume equal credit for the “embarrassment,” to quote Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, that is Washington. Our federal government is completely broken. Congress has only managed to pass a true federal budget on four occasions in the past 40 years, and contrary to what you are told, none of those were actually balanced. Pork-filled continuing resolutions are the order of the day. Each presidential administration increasingly uses executive orders, federal regulation, and the power of agencies such as the IRS and FBI to further extend its influence and control over the everyday lives of Americans.......To Read More....

My Take - At this point the simple wording and understanding of the Constitution has been usurpted by the judiciary and the politicans and turned it into a suicide pact. 

We need far more than a balanced budget amendment because I will guarantee you these profligates will find ways around it, just as Strickland did in Ohio when he was Governor.  Ohio has a balanced budget amendment and yet he passed a budget that ended up with an eight billion dollar deficit.  First we need to pass a 28th Amendment creating term and age limits for the federal judiciary, and add term and age limits for Congress also. 

Then what is really needed is to repeal the 16th amendment - income tax, and the 17th amendment which is how Senators are chosen.  Originally they were appointed by the states to be de-facto ambassadors from the states representing the states.  The House of Representatives were to be chosen by the people and were supposed to represent the people. 

I fear this effort will be an effort in futility simply because this won't fix anything unless they're willing to rewrite the Constitution in order to bring it back to the Founding Father's vision of limited government.  Will that happen?  NO!  No matter what clabber you may read about the personal belief's of the Founding Fathers overall they were Christians and held Judaic/Christian values as the foundation for their work, which they believed was absolutely necessary in order for the Constitution to work.  That's no longer the societal paradigm in America, and without that solid moral foundation no Article V convention will create a worthwhile fix. 

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