Thursday, July 20, 2017

Texas Is Reconvening Its Legislature

And you thought Congressional Republicans were disgusting disappointments…

Jon Cassidy

It’s tempting, at a moment when Republicans are falling just short of the votes they need to accomplish even a mild reform of Obamacare, to imagine what they could do if we just sent a few more of them to Congress.

Texas offers a case study of why that just isn’t the case.

The Texas legislature is reconvening this week for a 30-day special session to fight over 20 things it didn’t get done during the regular 140-day session it holds every other year.  Most of my conservative friends here are going into cheerleading mode, but I remain unenthused. The best I can say about the local Republicans is that at least they’re not Democrats.......To Read More....

My Take - Those who profess to be conservatives in politics are far too often like Governor John Kasich who embraced Obamacare, imposed it on Ohio, promoted it to other states, declared it was God's will and all because he's determined he reserved the right to "define conservativism as he sees fit."  Kasich is a disgrace and so are a great many of these so-called conservatives in government.  In the end - they mostly seem to be nothing more than self promoting hacks.  Make no mistake about this.  If at any time you see any political entity being lauded as a conservative paradise - you need to look closer - and when you do you will find that's nothing more than window dressing. 

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