Friday, July 21, 2017

Pruitt Is Cleaning Up the EPA

Political Editors · Jul. 18, 2017 

One of the best decisions Donald Trump has made thus far into his presidency was his choice of Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA may prove to be a textbook example of how corruption works to twist an ostensibly apolitical government agency into a primary proponent of a political cause. But Pruitt is taking the bull by the horns.

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that Pruitt has been aggressively working on replacing Barack Obama-era science advisers. In the month of June alone the EPA notified 38 advisers that their committee appointments would not be renewed. While the Left has claimed that Trump is engaged in a “war on science,” the reality is exactly the opposite. A bit of context is needed to better understand the issue at hand.............By reforming this practice, Pruitt is not working to quash science. On the contrary, he’s promoting it by dismantling a rigged system........ To Read More...

My Take - EPA has been a lava flow of scientifically dubious regulations because it was founded in corruption in order to ban DDT and nothing has changed. This is a good first start because as an exterminator involved in my industry's affairs I know scientists who are experts in pest control who speak out against EPA's insane pesticide regulations are deliberately not included in these panels. 

The next step should be the elimination of all....and I mean all..... the regional offices. Every state has an EPA and there's no need for these over staffed, overpaid, over regulating - at times making things up as they go along - activists on government payroll. Cut their budget in half and then in half again until they're gone. Once that happens we won't have to worry about as many activists hunkering down waiting for a new administration so they can get out of control again.

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