Thursday, July 20, 2017

Elizabeth Warren caught lying AGAIN


 If Elizabeth Warren didn’t have double standards, she’d have none at all. She claims to fight for minorities, but this rich white elitist lied about her ethnicity to steal a job from a minority.   She claims banks exploited the poor by giving them bad mortgages, but she raked in mountains of cash snatching up homes from foreclosed families and selling them for personal profit.   And how she’s been caught partying at an exclusive getaway with a Wall Street executive she claims to oppose...........I didn’t think it was possible, but Elizabeth Warren makes Hillary Clinton looks honest and trustworthy............To Read More.....
My Take - Hypocrisy is part and parcel for Democrats and Republicans, but Democrats are more egregious becuase they've been able to largely get away with it because they've been covered by the media.  Those days are gone forever now. 

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