Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Chuck “Pass The Buck” Schumer Blames POTUS For NYC Subway Nightmare

By Andrew West July 10, 2017

The deplorable and unacceptable condition of the New York City subway system is apparently Donald Trump’s problem to fix…at least according to Chuck Schumer. Schumer, the ultraliberal democratic Senator from New York is unabashedly unhappy with President Donald Trump, and likely considers himself a key element to the left’s ridiculous “resistance” movement.  In that role, Schumer has been opposed to the President’s every move, regardless of the position or the benefits.  It is simply a show of bipartisan bickering and stagnation – something Schumer has excelled at in the past.

Now, as New York residents are beside themselves with anger over the complete and utter failures of the NYC transit system, Schumer has turned to Twitter.  Not for help in solving his city’s problems, mind you.  No, Senator Schumer is imploring his constituents to annoy the President with their complaints instead of him.......To Read More....

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