Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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Media Find Negative Spin Trump Helping Marine?
Daniel Greenfield July 10, 2017 29
The media has to cover viral videos because it's in competition with them. That means it has to spin a video of President Trump replacing a marine's cover. Can it do it? Of course it can.  Newsweek -  Trump Helped a Marine With His Hat and Conservatives Are Loving It.  Obviously this was not and is not the way that Newsweek and the media cover viral photos and videos of Obama. Here's a typical headline... "Adorable photos of 6-month-old meeting Obama go  viral"  It's not. "Adorable photos of 6-month-old meeting Obama go viral and Liberals are loving it."  Things lefties like are deemed universal. Things conservatives like are factional. This is an ongoing theme in media bias. Watch for it and you'll see it everywhere in the culture war. Their habits and mores are normalized. Everyone else's are marginalized.  But then we go into straight out negative spin. ......To Read More.....

Oregon Decriminalized Cocaine, Meth, Heroin
July 10, 2017  Daniel Greenfield  94  Left-wing policy agendas have no natural stopping point. Most people don't realize this. And they really don't grasp the consequences. Lefty cultural dominance means that they can make the "next step" in their agenda seem reasonable. But then there's yet another step and another one. And each incremental step usually seems reasonable because people have been thoroughly desensitized by then. Until it gets so bad that they throw up their hands. It happened in the seventies and it's happening again.  No, legalizing pot or decriminalizing possession is not the stopping point. Here's the next step. The The Oregon House of Representatives passed a bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. This is a nice transition from other bills decriminalizing everything from public defecation to shoplifting............

Comey Memos Contained Classified Information
July 10, 2017  Daniel Greenfield 13
The media has largely moved on from the Comey circus when his memos didn't deliver anything useful beyond the Twitter news cycle. But Comey's actions were controversial with good reason. You can't just write up your interactions with the President of the United States while heading the FBI and then pass them on to your friends to hand over to the media.
Or maybe these days, in the age when Hillary Clinton can flagrantly violate the rules on handling classified information and go unpunished, you can. That is to be determined.............. 

French Leader's Pathetic Obsession with Trump
When we last met Emmanuel Macron, he was boasting to his countrymen in France, how he had intimidated President Trump by shaking his hand.  French President Emmanuel Macron said his extended handshake with Donald Trump before a NATO summit was “not innocent” and intended to show he did not make even small concessions.  In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche published on Sunday, the French leader said his interaction with the American head of state was “a moment of truth.”  “My handshake with him was not innocent,” Macron said. “We need to show that we won’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones, while not overhyping things either.”   Now Macron was caught elbowing his way into a photo with Trump at the G-20 circus..........
That Trump Jr - Russia Meeting Was Arranged by Dem Operative

Washington Post Blames Attempt by Bernie Sanders Supporter to Murder Republicans on Conservative Talk Radio 
July 9, 2017  Daniel Greenfield 9
The last remaining ethics of the Washington Post continue to die in darkness. Each day the formerly respected paper reaches a new low. And then it finds a new low beneath that.  The new low is a bizarre effort to spin the attack on Republican members of Congress by James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, to a right-wing talk show host. The article by Peter Holley is bizarre and shameful. But it's also an expression of contempt for the Washington Post's readers. It assumes that they are so stupid that they will believe that a Bernie Sanders supporter whose pet causes was raising taxes on the rich had been fired up by a right-wing talk show host.  And the sad thing is that Peter Holley probably is right. Washington Post readers really are that stupid.............

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