Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We Should be Thankful for the Frenzy on the Radical Left

By Alexandra Phillips

The split in politics has become almost absolute. While those on the left unite around Trumpophobia and Remoaning, the right are adopting a sleeves-up-back-to-work approach and doing a sterling job of running the country. It is no wonder that the Conservatives are extending their polling dominance with each passing day. The alternative is a national temper tantrum verging on mental breakdown.........Meanwhile, the Brexit Bill passed to the second chamber for scrutiny as various Lords, Baronesses and has-beens, largely former Cabinet Secretaries and Party Officials put out to pasture, geared up for a fleeting moment under the glare of Parliament TV cameras once again. ...........Tony Blair has slid out from the shadows to urge Brits to renounce Brexit........A braying and hypersensitive radical left is in many respects far better than their wily New Labour predecessors. After all, it was the likes of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson who secretly administered the snake oil that sold Britain across the Channel...................Read More.........

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