Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lords Rebellion Won’t Scupper Brexit – Here’s Why

By Alexandra Phillips

With the activation of the rules under the Lisbon treaty coming into force at the start of April, the departure of a member state from the EU would have to be agreed under qualified majority voting, whereby a majority of member states would have to agree to Brexit before Britain can leave. The coming week will be one to watch.  With the clock ticking towards the deadline to activate article 50 by the end of the month, I will either be celebrating, or helping to lead the revolt.........It seems however that Britain’s enemy is within its own Houses of Parliament.........But facing the Lords is growing public opposition to their very existence. I mentioned in a previous article that the fragile position of the unelected second chamber would be called into question if peers attempted to block Brexit. And I was right. .........May has come out fighting and has taken her first scalp. Former Chancellor Lord Heseltine was among Conservative peers who backed the amendment, going against his party and the Government’s wishes. He woke up this morning to find his 5 separate positions as a government advisor were no more. He had effectively been sacked, to many cheers from the general public........Read More........

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