Friday, March 3, 2017

The Emails Putin Really Hacked

Charles R. Smith, CEO Founder of Softwar Inc.

The real email scandal lies neither within the Democrat party nor in the careless confines of John Podesta's G-mail account. The real scandal is buried inside the emails sent by Hillary Clinton over her home-brew server. The FBI quietly released a number of documents detailing their investigation into Hillary's emails and it reveals what Vladimir Putin must already know, that the Secretary of State provided Moscow with a plethora of fine intelligence information.

The FBI report noted that the kind of classified information Russia certainly obtained involved SECRET details from the CIA, NSA, Dept. of Defense, FBI, and the "National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency". This last little known agency provides photos and intercepts of foreign communications obtained by the trillion dollar network of US satellites.

Thus, Hillary's emails gave the Kremlin crucial details to foil our satellites, blinding them from imagery and making the deaf to high-level communications intercepts. ..............

So how was Moscow made aware of Hillary's email account? The answer to this question is easy: by her own hand..............Now the carelessness does not stop there............. Now let's make your eyes really water. Clinton did not know her login and password to get into her email account so she relied on her staff to enter the data onto her Blackberry. Not only did the 13 missing devices have her login information but so did most of her staff. She also shared her login and password with her staff to print emails that she requested. So Hillary's email account was logged into from various locations by various people at various times, further compounding an already ridiculous security nightmare. .......To Read More.....

My Take - And the woman who was touted as "the smartest woman in the world",  who couldn't remember her login codes, was a step away from being giving the nuclear football.  The only more frightening outcome could only be if Bernie was elected President of the United States.   He might have turned the nuclear football over to Russia or China.   We would really "Feel the Bern" then. 

So what do the media and the left focus on?  Everyone in the Trump administration talked to someone in Russia and didn't tell them.  Okay, maybe they did, but I've yet to see any evidence that a crime was committed.  We know Hillary committed crimes - galore - but no one seems to be demanding she pay any penalty for those crimes.  On either side of the aisle!  Why? 

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