Friday, March 3, 2017

Cutting foreign aid will make the world safer

By (@jjcarafano) 3/2/17

President Trump plans to propose a budget that will strengthen national security without taking on additional debt. As part of the package, he is looking to cut spending at the State Department and other federal agencies to offset the cost of rebuilding our depleted military.  That's the responsible way to proceed.........How the money was spent is part of the problem. Much of the increased spending at State went to fund pet items on the president's agenda. For instance, last year, Obama requested about $3.45 billion for Gender, Climate Change, and Biodiversity programs. Further, the administration added literally dozens of global envoys, each with his or her own staff and budget......To Read More.....

My Take - The State Department needs more than just a cut in funding. It, much like the rest of government is filled with civil servants left over from previous administrations.  It's time someone realized these Departments, agencies and bureaus are filled with underground activists.  This started in the 1920's when Stalin sent his agents to the U.S. to infiltrate academia, Hollywood, radio, the news media, the unions, and to become moles in as many government offices as possible.  When FDR dramatically increased the size of government so to did he increase the amount of infiltration.  And he had to know it was happening.

Today the Soviet Union is gone, but leftists are like the herpes virus that causes chickenpox  Just like leftism it's highly contagious, and can remain inactive years and then one day it strikes. Shingle appear tormenting the body, painfully!  The only way to avoid shingles is to get an innoculation. 

We not only need to cut funding at State, we need to purge State as an "innoculation" against further infection. 

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