Monday, December 16, 2013

We’re Back to the “Next Fight”

By: Daniel Horowitz (Diary) | December 15th, 2013

The past three years of GOP control in the House have been marked by the rallying cry of fighting “the next time.” With every budget deadline comes a degree of leverage from which Republicans can extract concessions on reducing the size of government. Yet with every budget battle, House leadership shirks from the fight and blithely points to the next battle – the debt ceiling – as the consummate opportunity to push for reforms. After all, a budget battle raises the stakes of a government shutdown.

Then when we reach the debt ceiling, GOP leaders echo the scandalous lies of the Democrats with regards to defaulting on debt. Default is much more serious than a plain government shutdown, claim the wizards of smart. But just wait until the next budget battle and we’ll cut trillions in debt, not just billions.

Finally, in October, Republicans made it clear they would never hold up a debt ceiling or a budget bill. At least that was the message telegraphed to the Democrats. Yet, amazingly, Paul Ryan is still playing the game. After punting on two years’ worth of budget leverage points, Ryan is feeling the pressure to put on a brave face about his promises for transformational reforms. As such, he is rallying the troops on the next debt ceiling fight:….To Read More…

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