Thursday, December 19, 2013

End of the line for the lead bullet?  - This just seems silly. Check it out: When the last bullet-producing lead smelter closes its doors on Dec. 31, it will mark a major victory for those who say lead-based ammunition pollutes the environment, but others warn ‘green’ bullets will … Continue reading

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  1. 50K Law-Abiding D.C. Gun Owners Being Forced To Re-Register Their Firearms Within 90 Days, Face Possible Jail Time If They Fail To Comply
  2. Sen. Menendez: Don’t even talk to me about allowing more oil exports
  3. Senator to Obama: ‘Stop Stalling’ on Keystone XL Pipeline
  4. MASSIVE SEIZURE OF POWER Climate scientists, economists challenge EPA
  5. Bipartisan Senate duo urge end to wind tax credit
  6. Climate change expert bilks EPA out of $1 million

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