Friday, August 26, 2011

Observations From the Back Row: 8-26-11

Everthing we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality!
“De Omnibus Dubitandum”

Quote of the Day - The endless absurdity oozing out of the climate change cesspool would be hilarious if it weren’t so costly. - Paul Driessen

Word of the Day - Coprolite - Fossilized excrement. coprolitic cop'ro·lit'ic (-lĭt'ĭk) adj.

Animal Rights and the Globalist Agenda

While everyone knows that Animal Rights (A/R) is at the far left extreme of the political spectrum, most people do not understand what A/R is or where they fit into the New Age/Globalism scheme. A/R, like the Green movement, is a multimillion dollar business that is a cabal for taking people out of the natural structure of the earth. And while most people sense that A/R is extreme, they have no idea of what the A/R movement’s core beliefs are. People confuse animal rights with animal welfare which are as different as black and white.

Animal Rights is not Animal Welfare

Here’s another issue that is decided with the mentality of a little girl who just likes fluffy animals. The Animal Rights movement is one of the most violent of the nation. It plays on the heartstrings of emotional children, like actress Pam Anderson, where reason and knowledge give way to raw emotion. Most people take up the animal rights cause because they care about the “welfare” of the animals. Few want to see animals suffer and they want something done when it happens. But animal welfare and animal protection have nothing to do with the animal rights movement. Frankly, it’s too nuts to explain rationally. So, here, let them tell you in their own words. TD

Stuff You Won’t See on the News

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax -
Of cabbages and kings,
And why the sea is boiling hot,
And whether pigs have wings."


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