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Observations From the Back Row: 8-12-11

“De Omnibus Dubitandum”
Everything we are told should bear some resemblance to what we see going on in reality!

Quote of the Day - Economics are the method; the object is to change the heart and soul". - Margaret Thatcher

Profile of the Day - John Allison Former Chairman & CEO, BB&T Corporation

"We need to reduce the regulatory burden, regulations have reduced our productivity and made it more difficult for businesses to create the type of products that improve the quality of our lives and have the incentive to employ more people.”  - John Allison

Please go to the media interview box to hear his views. RK

Being a Heterodox isn’t For the Faint of Heart.
By Rich Kozlovich

It has been clear to those of us who have been reading and writing about this issue that the green movement is ...once again.... irrational and misanthropic. It is also clear that they have been able to hide much of this from the general public with the help of a corrupted media, corrupted legislators and undercover agents of their movement on the government’s payroll, AKA, bureaucrats. The linked articles today are more evidence of that.

In times past I have stated that our industry is so hot to "go green" and yet we don't (as and industry) have a clue as to what that means. Why are we so ignorant? The information has always been there........ for those who were willing to look. Their arrogant misanthropy has been obvious to the most casual observer.....for those willing to look and accept what they see.

Often times we read how independent the people in the pest control industry are and that is why it is so hard to organize them.  Baloney! If we were so ruggedly independent we wouldn't be accepting the imposition of Integrated Pest Management in structural pest control. And the idea of accepting Green Pest Control on our industry, even for a minute, would be anathema to us because we would all instinctively recognize they are both designed to destroy our industry; all in line with goals that are part and parcel of a much broader deviant vision that today’s posts outline.

If we were so independent everyone in the industry would know as much about this issue as I do....and preferably far more than I. Our industry consultants, industry reps, company CEO’s, and industry Ph.D.’s would be standing tall and challenging all of this junk science that gives the impression of credibility to the green movement. The reality is that the pesticide application industries are filled with people, and people are much the same all around the world. We are far too willing to go along to get along. I find this true even within organizations like the American Chemical Council who supports legislation that is being promoted by people who hate the chemical industries of this world. This go along mentality is endemic to human thinking and our emotional make-up…in short it is part and parcel of being human.

Unfortunately, in order to change that mentality it always seems take a "good epidemic to get things started”; because being a heterodox isn’t for the faint of heart.

The United States Football League began in 1983 with twelve cities, many of which already had an NFL team. The level of play was decidedly inferior to the “senior” league because, of course, the better men were already in the NFL. Still, the organizers thought that more football was wanted, even though the quality would not be on par with what fans had come to expect. But people failed to love the expansion league, and it never did well enough to be able to pay top talent. It only lasted three years, folding in 1985.

What does the 'E' in Environmentalist stand for? Ego, exaggeration, and error' Says Marcus Gibson, ex-Financial Times journalist in his ‪'Global warming speech' at the Oxford Union, Oxford, UK

[13-minute video] What does the 'E' in Environmentalist stand for? Ego, exaggeration, and error', says Marcus Gibson, ex-Financial Times journalist, who demolishes the claims of the global warming clique at the famous Oxford Union debate, on July 14th, 2011. Marcus is the only journalist to have interviewed all of the key members of Royal Society who rebelled against the 'catastrophe' theory accepted by the council at the society - and finally got its stance radically changed. Marcus Gibson disputes the conventional view held by the global warming clique.

“Do we need a militant movement to save the planet (and ourselves)?” That was the question posed in recent article on the left-wing site Alternet when it interviewed a group of radical environmentalists who are allegedly endorsing “Decisive Ecological Warfare.” And in order to realize their goal of ridding the planet of industrial civilization — even modern agriculture — the group intends to employ tactics “of both militaries and insurgents the world over.”……. “If it were up to me, all the people associated with the Gulf oil spill, which is murdering the Gulf, would be executed. That would be part of the function of a state,” ……Lierre Keith, and Aric McBay — have spearheaded a fringe movement called the “Deep Green Resistance” (with a book of the same name) that calls for “direct attacks on infrastructure” and an annihilation of civilization as we know it……humanity must devolve into living primitive, “indigenous” lifestyles.

We need a culture that is self-consciously oppositional to things like corporate power, capitalism, industrialization and ultimately civilization, because that is the arrangement of power on this planet right now.” ……..What’s more, the group barely tries to conceal its disdain for the average Americans who probably find DGR’s brand of extremism distinctly repugnant. ……“I’m not speaking to mainstream America. I don’t know how to talk to those people, and there is no point in me trying.”…….“I don’t understand why it is even controversial to talk about dismantling industrial civilization…..

I have linked the below article in the past, but in light of this last article I thought I would link it once again.  RK

The Guardian has a revealing editorial today, which makes the claim that: Biodiversity: It’s the ecology, stupid. At every level, human civilisation is underwritten by the planet’s countless and still mostly unidentified wild things

As discussed in the previous post, the idea that civilisation is underwritten in this way is a secular revision of Divine Providence. Environmentalism’s politics is forged by this view of nature with an equally bleak conception of human nature — equally a contemporary, secular account of original sin. The logic of these conceptions of the natural world and humanity lead to environmentalism’s tendency to produce political ideas that resonate with the worst from the Dark Ages.

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax -
Of cabbages and kings,
And why the sea is boiling hot,
And whether pigs have wings."


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