Thursday, May 10, 2018

Libs demand citizenship test for political speech, but not for voting

Liberals are the first to reject the idea that voters should have to prove their citizenship or even their identity when they come to vote. They say it will lead to voter suppression. They say it will confuse blacks and Hispanics, who liberals constantly maintain have the timidity of jackrabbits and the intellectual fortitude of five-year-olds.  

But when it comes to political speech, liberals are now demanding that citizenship be proven.

Facebook, led by liberal Mark Zuckerberg, are now requiring those who wish to post political ads on Facebook to prove their "identity and location" – in effect, to prove they are American citizens.

Zuckerberg doesn't seem worried about suppressing political speech here. Zuckerberg doesn't worry that blacks and Hispanics will be disproportionately deterred from buying political ads.

It seems that minorities are deemed to have greater savvy when exercising political speech rather than voting. But it doesn't take a Harvard dropout like Zuckerberg to realize that Facebook's new rules are more for show than results. Facebook would love to ban ads from foreign sources that attack liberal candidates. But there is really no way to police them..............Read more

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