Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ben Shapiro Blasts Obama for ‘Lie’ About ‘Moderates in Iran’ to Pass Nuke Deal

By Michael Morris | May 9, 2018   
On his daily Facebook Live podcast “The Ben Shapiro Show” Wednesday, host and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro blasted former President Barack Obama and his administration for the “lie that we were sold” about the possibility of “moderates in Iran” working with the United States to stop development of nuclear weapons.

“The lie that we were sold by the Obama administration is that there were a bunch of moderates in Iran,” stated Ben Shapiro. “And if we could just reach out to those moderates in the Iranian administration, and if we could give them something – like money, if we could just give them money – then maybe they would be emboldened to make friends with us. Maybe they would become friendly. Maybe they would stop everything they’ve been doing with this nuclear program. And this is the lie that the Obama administration sold.”

Ben Shapiro’s comments came after President Donald J. Trump, yesterday, announced that the U.S. will withdraw from the “disastrous” so-called “Iran Nuclear Deal,” calling the “many billions of dollars” given to the Iranian regime as part of the deal “a great embarrassment to me as a citizen and to all citizens of the United States,” according to

Former President Barack Obama responded to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal in a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday, suggesting that the “JCPOA is working” and that the “JCPOA is in America’s interest” and is a model for what diplomacy can accomplish.”

Below is a transcript of Ben Shapiro’s remarks from his Facebook Live podcast on Wednesday:
Ben Shapiro: “So Iran has been, they built up their military, I believe, 40 percent since the Iran deal, all despite a massive decline in their economy – all of which goes to show that these were not a bunch of moderates.........“Well, Obama told a bunch of lies about this yesterday. He was very upset because his single foreign policy achievement, really his only foreign policy achievement was this Iran deal............“As for the notion that the Iran deal’s abandonment ‘turns our back’ on American allies, that’s kinda weird because it seems like all of our allies in the region, the actual allies in the region are pretty excited that we’re walking away from the deal..........
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