Monday, May 14, 2018

Feel the Bern: Bernie Sanders Was Asked to Leave Hippie Commune for Shirking, Book Claims

Sanders' 'endless political discussion' distracted the hippies from their work


My Take - Dan Mitchell's commentary on his International Liberty web site had a link about Bernie Sanders being ejected from a commune for talking versus working, so I went to it as I really enjoy delving into Bernie's history, which the main stream media keeps ignoring.  

Bernie wasn't a member of the commune, although it seems he visited there at times, but his constant blabber kept others from working, and after his first visit that lasted three days he was asked to go home....or wherever else he wanted to go../...but leave. 

We really need to get this right. Bernie is a socialist just as Lenin and Hitler were socialists. One was a communist socialist and the other was fascist socialist. We really do need to get these definitions correct also because definition leads to clarity, and it's clear - Bernie's a communist. 

Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin, but the one thing they all have in common is they're great at talking and really stinko at working.  So why does anyone think they're capable of representing the working class?  Most importantly - show me the history of socialism, where it was imposed, and whether or not it was successful.   It's clear the "ideals" of this commune began to unravel as time went by and ultimately failed.  Failure is the usual history of communes and is always the history of socialism, because people will always be people and all these community responsibility causes fail because they're antithetical to what makes people human.  People willing sacrifice for the common good when they see the need and it's their choice.  But socialism and communism is sacrifice imposed by those who never saw a burden so great they were unwilling to impose it on others.  It isn't  long before all these "others" recognize it and act accordingly.

What's really scary is after 100 years of the history of modern communist and socialist regime failures, it appears 47% of the people in America would still vote for a socialist. 

We have our work cut out for us, and that work must start with education at every level, and the first level is at the college level.  End the funding and make them all "for profit" institutions, and that should be done right after disolving the Department of Education. 

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