Friday, March 9, 2018

Mueller’s Fishing Expedition Nets Another Nothing-Burger in Seychelles

By Andrew West March 8, 2018

You know, it almost felt as though we were going to escape the clutches of the abhorrently useless #RussiaGate investigation without having to completely tear a new orifice in the backside of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


For months we have been privy to his nonsense, all thanks to some bizarre conspiracy concocted by Hillary Clinton and her democratic partners in debauchery who, as it turns out, were truly only projecting their own insecure and inexcusable relationship with the Ruskies onto their political opponents.  The sheer stupidity and childishness of the incident harkens back to the 4th grade lunchroom where some socially-manipulative jerk would do something to irk the authorities, (read:  Teachers), just out of vision, and, then would frame other students for their own misbehavior................To Read More......

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