Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Campus Speech Protest Draws Call to Discipline Law Students

Campus speech protests at law schools flare up again.  One scholar suggests discipline, another a change of tactics

By - Bloomberg Law March 7, 2018

The shouting down of Christina Hoff Sommers by students at Lewis and Clark law school during a talk on her brand of feminism has renewed concern about freedom of expression in academic settings.

Protesters who disrupted Sommers’ March 5 appearance at an event sponsored by the conservative legal group the Federalist Society should face school and bar discipline, one scholar told Bloomberg Law. Another said their tactics only amplified her ideas, which they opposed.

“I think there’s always a tough balance to be drawn between the right of speakers to speak and the right of students to protest,” Tung Yin, a professor at the private Portland, Ore., school who attended the event told Bloomberg Law.

The Lewis and Clark incident is one of many controversies involving events hosted by conservative groups that were canceled or disrupted on college and law school campuses. Law schools have not had as many incidents as other campuses, but some Federalist Society events have become a venue for politically charged disputes over speech............To Read More.....

My Take - It's high time we stop funding higher education.  It's become a festering sore of irrational, morally defective behavior, and the administrations of these institutions are responsible.  Take the money away and the problem goes away.

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