Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hitler and Kim: History repeats itself

By Robert Arvay August 8, 2017

If we doubt the truism that history repeats itself, then let us examine a book published a year before the onset of World War 2 in Europe. 

Here is a quote:
In a tense atmosphere of dictatorial demands and acts, the people are held in the constant fear that some spark may be ignited that may set off a ... Second World War. What will Hitler’s next move be? No one knows. But we must remember that the Fascist dictators ... must act dramatically[.] ... Therefore, they act boldly and cast caution to the winds; they bluff and storm; they challenge and defy the leaders of other countries. And these leaders of other countries, fearful of a spark that will ignite another world explosion, are cautious, uncertain, and seem to have no definite policy. ... What will be the outcome? No one can guess[.]
We need not guess. In 1938, after the publication of the book, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, forcing the Western Allies into a brutal war that cost an estimated sixty million lives. It could all have been prevented, or at least strongly mitigated. ...........More

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