Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Loretta Lynch's email problems mount

By Thomas Lifson August 8, 2017

Thanks to Judicial Watch (donate here, please!),we have another 417-page look into the mind of Loretta Lynch, particularly in the wake of the unexpected media revelation of her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton while the DoJ was investigating his wife.   That was supposed to be secret, after all.  And there was panic, and help from the MSM, in trying to tamp it down. John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist sums up the meaning of the media collaboration.............Read more............

My Take - Trump needs to fire Mueller now and take his hits early in his presidency.  One of the things I'm not sure the Republicans or the Trump administration understands is all these investigations and charges coming from the left is mere strategy.  A strategy to keep Trump, Sessions, the Justice Department and the FBI from going after Obama's myrmidons, along with the Clinton mob, who seriously violated federal laws.  Once some of these people start getting prosecuted they'll start squealing in order to save themselves.  I can picture Lynch going to jail for Obama, but  I just can't picture Susan Rice going to jail for Obama, or Huma going to jail for Hillary.  Once the prosecutions start and people are sent to prison - these charges against Trump will stop, the Swamp will be easier to drain, the Shadow Government people will be much easier to eliminate.  The answer is to attack with determination and aggression.  

Is that going on in the background?  I don't know but there's one more thing that's become clear.  These former Obamanistas didn't just want Hillary to win - they needed Hillary to win to avoid being prosecuted.  Trump and his crowd need to get that.  Why is that so hard to understand?  Win or go home. 

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