Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Larry Klayman's Freedom Watch

Retrial set for defendants in Bundy standoff case in Nevada
By Ken Ritter  Associated Press July 11, 2017
Federal prosecutors in Nevada are about to try again to prove that four men should spend decades in prison for bringing assault-style weapons to a confrontation that stopped government agents from rounding up cattle near Cliven Bundy's ranch more than three years ago.  Jury selection begins Monday in Las Vegas for the conspiracy retrial of four defendants whose cases were left undecided when jurors weren't able to reach a verdict in April. Two other defendants were found guilty of some charges.....Continue Reading......

Klayman - A travesty of justice carried over from the Obama era!  AG Sessions should put a hlat to these political prosecutions.  See
Kill 'Fox and Friends' before it's too late
By Erik Wemple Washington Post July 11, 2017
 President Trump accused special counsel Robert Mueller of being biased in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election in an interview on "Fox and Friends" on June 23. (Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)  Back when regular people watched "Fox and Friends," it was bad enough to warrant killing the show. Back in those pre-Trump-presidency days, the program merely distorted the news in ways that reflected poorly on President Barack Obama......Continue Reading.....
Klayman - Let's instead "kill" the dishonest Washington Post before it's too late!

North Korea threat: US preparing sanctions, targeting banks linked to regime
Fox News July 11, 2017
The U.S. is preparing to unilaterally tighten sanctions on North Korea as well as targeting Chinese companies and banks the U.S. believes are funneling money into the regime's weapons program.
The U.S. circulated a draft resolution that would impose new sanctions on North Korea following its first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, two U.N. diplomats told the Associated Press on Monday.........Continue Reading.....

Klayman - Sanctions don't work. The US must eradicate NoKo Government and nuclear infrastructure.

My Take - That's not as easy as Klayman may think.   However, if the senior command structure of the government - civilian and military, but especially the civilian component - was eliminated it seems to me that entire massive military they've created will fall apart.   Snce the idea of individual initiative within North Korea is totally unacceptable the less senior officers haven't been trained to think outside the box as a result I would think they would be unable to adjust and adapt without instruction from above.  That kind of training - or lack thereof - would also make it difficult to embrace an emergency government.   They just don't think that way because they've not been allowed to think that way.  For them the top echelon is forever and any deviation from that kind of thinking is punished.  

Forget Russia-Trump, It's The Agenda That Matters
By Christopher Ruddy Newsmax July 11, 2017
Back on June 23rd I wrote the Trump-Russia collusion story was a "nothingburger," and now with the revelation that Trump campaign officials met with an eccentric Russian lawyer, the story remains a nothingburger.  There is nothing illegal or improper in a campaign talking to a foreign national about their election opponent. It might actually be wise if they feel the foreigner has information the public should know.........Continue Reading.....
Klayman - Ruddy and Newsmax are right.   Congressional establishment Republicans are stabbing the President and his voters in the back. 

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