Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Media’s Sham Coverage of FISA-gate

George Neumayr

NN is constantly running “breaking news” to the effect that no evidence has emerged to substantiate Trump’s wiretapping claim, as if scoring Trump on the precision of his tweet is the central story here. Notice that CNN never asks Democrats the fundamental question:
Did the Obama administration investigate Trump campaign associates? To that question, the Adam Schiffs would fall silent.
Unless all of the stories that Obama administration officials planted over the last few months in outlets from the BBC to the New York Times were an elaborate hoax, it is going to emerge that, at the very least, steps were taken to investigate Trump campaign associates. Then the issue becomes:
Why? Why would Obama administration officials go to the trouble of forming a reported multi-agency group to investigate just three Trump campaign associates (two of whom left the campaign and one who had little to no role in it)?......
BBC reporter Paul Wood, who wrote one of the articles that launched this story, presents the multi-agency investigation in the same light that Trump sees it. Here is the key paragraph:.....To Read More...

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