Sunday, March 12, 2017

Here’s Why This Newsroom Union Appears To Love Donald Trump and #FakeNews

Attacks on journalism are 'fueling a renaissance in newsrooms across the country,' says union boss.

Dienekes March 8, 2017

Since the ascendancy of automation, the internet, citizen journalists, social media, talk radio and cable news, by nearly all accounts, institutional journalism (aka the ‘mainstream media empire’) has had a rough couple of decades.  Newsrooms across the country have been forced to lay off journalists as advertisers and readers have flocked elsewhere.  In fact, the fate of print media has been so dire that there is even a website called which, true to its name, chronicles the decline of the nation’s newspapers.  Indeed, until very recently, the world of institutional journalism seemed so bleak that its future existence was beginning to be questioned........“Trump is the best thing to happen to the Times’ subscription strategy” New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet CNN’s Reliable Sources last month. “Every time he tweets it drives subscriptions wildly.”  Clearly, as much as institutional journalists may despise the Trump presidency, he appears to be giving them a better sense of job security than they’ve had in years........To Read More....

My Take - This surge is a temporary manifestation.  As time goes by people will realize the same problem exists that created the problem for the main stream media in the first place.- bad, biased, arrogant, self-righteous, and historically ignorant reporting.  These people are stunningly ignorant of history making them incapable of doing the job they claim is their responsibility and domain.  And if they're not historically ignorant - that's even worse because that means they're deliberately lying to the public.  That's why bloggers, aka, citizen journalists, are ascendant and will continue to be.  And the bigger these media outlets are - the more likely it is they're going to fail.

No loss, and who knows, the demise of larger papers may help small hometown papers grow to cover local news. There was no newspaper reporter at the Mentor on the Lake council meeting this week.  Interesting....don't you think?

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