Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Media Versus The Bully Pulpit

Trump’s rhetoric: A 'good news' style
By Geoffrey P. Hunt February 28, 2017
Ronald Reagan, the "Great Communicator" was a self-made orator. With or without a script, his words were sparse, and those selected were decisive. His most memorable lines barely contained a half-dozen words: "I'm paying for this microphone"; "As government expands, liberty contracts"; and "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." Donald Trump's lines plumb a bubble's brevity. His speeches, usually staccato-styled acute exhortations, rarely exceed more than three lines for each topic, and each line often contains only two or three words. While Reagan used subjects and verbs, Trump predominantly uses adjectives and nouns. Reagan described a manner of knowing and making. Trump judges people, things, and situations using a super-saturated shorthand, leaving the action of what to do about it to your imagination............ More

The media implosion continues
By Robert Turner February 28, 2017
For over four decades, the media have created and in turn destroyed politicians (especially Republicans). The result has been timidity and a necessary deference paid to members of the Fourth Estate. Indeed, since the takedown of Richard Nixon, the media have been drunk with perceived power, ever looking for their next victim. With the progressive monopoly on journalistic education, it is almost impossible to find a centrist, much less a conservative, at major news networks or newspapers. When David Brooks of the New York Times passes for an in-house conservative, not much more needs to be said. When it comes to the power of the media, however, Donald Trump seems to be the exception to every rule. He has parlayed a career as a builder and a developer into a cash cow reality TV program (The Apprentice) and now, based on name recognition, a keen understanding of middle-class America, and ability to harness the new media, into the highest office in the land...........More

Call It ‘Fake News’ or Bad Journalism, CNN’s Don Lemon Owns It
Abraham H. Miller
In journalism, the lofty aspiration for the truth is always subject to human error, the limits of time, and the constraints of space. Walter Lippmann, the dean of modern journalism, noted that journalists are influenced by the images they have in their heads, and they deal with a mass public that is not necessarily adept at navigating through the nuanced esoterica of modern society.  Seeking confirmation of the stereotypes it embraces, the public is prone to dismissing facts that challenge what it thinks.  Journalists begin with their own biases and that of their audiences. Still, there are supposed to be limits.  Much of the mainstream media routinely ignores those limits. If Anderson Cooper’s “360°” had examined President Obama with the same doggedness with which it has examined President Trump, “Tony Rezko” and “Broadway Bank” would have been household words and not just another corruption story out of Chicago.......To Read More.....

Diana West
After MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski became just the latest dupes to trumpet a single-source allegation as settled fact, I decided to write the following letter to NBC. After all, they don’t want to be caught spreading “fake news,” do they?.....To Read More.....

My Take - Please read her letter.  She discussed supposed "conservative historian" Ron Radosh, as a source for their story.  I've become totally disillusioned by Radosh's views and comments over the years.  He's an ex-communist who hasn't been able to shake the one thing all leftists, communists, Marxist and liberals (there I go repeating myself again) cling to.....their own set of facts.  I wouldn't trust Rodash if he told me day was light and night was dark.

Ben Stein: Trump is Right to Punch Back
The Editors
The American Spectator’s Ben Stein takes on CNN and the media. He says that Donald Trump is right to fight back against them. Watch the whole thing:.......

The Liberal Media are Worse than Pharisees
By Lynn Jolly March 1, 2017
When you read the New Testament, you will find that the Pharisees were the religious leaders of the day and they held power and prestige over the people. Anyone who dared oppose them became the target of their anger and wrath. Jesus’s teachings frequently challenged the authority of the Pharisees and publicly chastised them on a number of issues. Consequently, the Pharisees, even though they knew Jesus was right, they set out to destroy him. They tried to twist everything He said and did and when that didn’t work, they made up false charges against him and continued their relentless attacks until Jesus was nailed up on the cross..........Consider back a number of years ago when Dan Quayle was Vice President. He misspelled potato and the media were ready to nail him to a cross. When Barack Obama claimed that he had visited all 57 states, the same media just laughed it off as a simple mistake. Based on most of the reporting by media, one thing has become obvious – conservatives, Christians and Republicans can rarely do anything right, whereas liberals and Democrats can do no wrong............. To Read More....
My Experience with “Fake News” Journalism
By Gary DeMar March 1, 2017
Fake News will most likely become the word of the year. Anytime there is a disagreement about this or that claimed fact or the positioning of a story, fake news will be the culprit. Of course, not every story a person disagrees with is fake news. At the same time, there is a great deal of fake news and biased reporting going on. I’ve had first-hand experience with the media. Most of it has not been good Some years ago I was interviewed by Tad Friend for New York Magazine. The title of the article was, “Does America Hate New York. . . Or Has it Just Stopped Caring?” The cover of the magazine carried a more provocative, thumb-in-the-eye title: “Why America Hates New York: What We Look Like to Folks Down in Newt Country.” ..........About the same time, I was interviewed by John F. Sugg for Creative Loafing, a magazine that is difficult to describe if you’ve never seen a copy. The editorial writing is so far left that most people I know won’t even pick it up for fearing of being infected by the ink..........To Read More...

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