Thursday, March 2, 2017

Observations From the Back Row: Fixing EPA - Permanently!

By Rich Kozlovich

On February 28, 2017 Logan Albright posted this article: Trump wants to cut one-fourth of the EPA. Why not the WHOLE thing?  Wow!  Cut one fourth of the EPA!  Sounds really good!  What does that mean?  It means the EPA will fall from being the 22nd most expensive agency in the federal government to the 25 most expensive. 

So now I suppose leftists will scream like banshees claiming such cuts will cause the nation to fall into an abyss of environmental degradation and destruction with "only" 12,000 employees instead of 15,000, at a cost of 6.1 billion dollars a year instead of 8.1 billion.   

This is an agency that was created by one of the most left wing presidents to sit in the White House.  Richard Nixon!  All the environmental agencies and laws causing so much damage today, including the Endangered Species Act, can be placed at his feet, over forty years ago.  And if you're interested, he was also was responsible for OSHA - and the left hated him with a passion.  Amazing isn't it? 

Nixon created the EPA by executive order in 1970 (later ratified by the Congress) with the expressed intent to ban DDT and appointed William D. Ruckelshaus it's first director, an underground environmental activist, to carry out that mission.  DDT was inappropriately banned with Ruckelshaus later admitting it wasn't a scientific decision but political one, and that's been their modus operandi ever since.

The author demonstrates another reason why the EPA should not just be reduced but eliminated saying: :It should first be noted that the EPA has a history of ignoring the law and getting shot down by courts for exceeding its authority. Incidentally, it’s not clear where that authority originally comes from, since the EPA is an executive branch agency not authorized, as far as I can tell, by the U.S. Constitution. Congress is vested with the power to make laws, not the EPA. Nevertheless, this has not prevented the agency from issuing broad regulations that, if not technically laws, serve the same function, often offering criminal penalties for violators."

He goes on to note because of its rules and the lava flow of scientifically dubious regulations the EPA is one of the most destructive agencies - constantly stifling economic activity and innovation and violating the Constitutional rights of private property owners, farmers, small businessmen and homeowners everywhere. 

But that's not even the real damage done by EPA.  Ruckleshaus with his decision to ban DDT has directly been responsible for the deaths of, depending on who you read, 30 to 100 million people to malaria, with hundreds of millions being sickened each year. 

But it's not only malaria that mosquitoes transmit. According to the World Health Organization "dengue and yellow fever..... are responsible for several million deaths and hundreds of millions of cases every year". 

They go on to say:

 "Malaria is endemic in 91 countries, with about 40% of the world's population at risk. By undermining the health and working capacity of hundreds of millions, it is closely linked to poverty and stunts social and economic development. Up to 500 million cases occur every year, 90% of them in Africa, and there are up to 2.7 million deaths annually."

"Dengue is the world's most important mosquito-borne virus disease, with 2500 million people worldwide at risk of infection and 20 million cases a year in more than 100 countries. In 1995, the worst dengue epidemic in Latin America and the Caribbean for 15 years struck at least 14 countries, causing more than 200 000 cases of dengue fever and almost 6000 cases of the more serious dengue haemorrhagic fever."

We now have a completely unnecessary easily curable bed bug plague in the U.S. as a direct result of the Food Quality Protection Act and the loss of almost all of the pesticides in two categories of pesticides used in structural pest control.  Not two pesticides - two categories.

We need to stop worrying whether or not the EPA trust us - we already know the EPA is not to be trusted for any reason.  No deal they make today will be honored tomorrow.  There will always be some caveat as to why they "must" impose new rules and restrictions.  Bureaucrats live to regulate, love to regulate, and they know they must continue to regulate or they cease to exist.

I wouldn't trust the EPA to tell me day was light and night was dark.

Small steps are not going to solve the problem of any these out of control agencies because the underground activists ensconced behind their civil service protected jobs will merely huddle down and await a change in administrations and then start all over again.  

Baby steps will only give us a temporary respite.  The EPA, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, just to name a few, are nothing more than anti-constitutional tyrannys supported by a corrupt federal judiciary continually undermining Constitutional protections of American citizens, and no matter what party rules it doesn't change.

Victor Davis Hanson recently noted in his recent National Review article The Metaphysics of Trump:

 "in the last 40 years, despite three different Republican administrations, frequent GOP control of the House and Senate, and ostensible Republican majorities on the Supreme Court, the universities have eroded, the borders have evaporated, the government has grown, the debt has soared, the red–blue divide has intensified, identity politics have become surreal, the nation's infrastructure has crumbled, the undeniable benefits from globalism have increasingly blessed mostly an entrenched elite, the culture has grown more crass and intolerant, the redistributive deep state has spread, and the middle classes have seen their purchasing power and quality of life either stagnate or decline. In sum, it is far more difficult in 2017 to enact conservative change than it was 40 years ago....."

Fixing government piecemeal is a guaranteed system for failure.  Baby steps to avoid offending leftist activists have always failed because they're always offended.  There has been more than ample opportunity to stop a lot of what's going on now in the past, and it didn't happen.  As long as they exist these corrupted institutions will remain corrupt and tyrannous.  The only fix for any tyrannous power has always been total defeat and elimination.  That's reality!  That's history! And that history is incontestable!   All it takes is guts, and a willingness to be unliked. 

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