Monday, March 13, 2017

Reparations: Accounting Nightmare, Social Disaster

Hugh Reynolds March 12, 2017

If an enforceable policy of racial reparations were ever to take hold in America, the consequences would be catastrophic.

From time to time, we hear proposals for reparations for America's past wrongs.  American Thinker has recently highlighted this theme here, here, and here.  The idea is primarily to extract some unspecified amount of money from living white citizens to pay living black citizens to atone for our national sins of slavery, Jim Crow laws, Black Codes, the Ku Klux Klan, and various forms of racial oppression and discrimination.  Is this a good idea?  A bad idea?  A feasible idea?  An absurd idea?

From practical and moral perspectives, the application of such a program of reparations would be not only unworkable, but an administrative and social nightmare.  First, it would be impossible to accomplish.  Second, it would be deeply divisive and destructive to all Americans – black, white, mixed-race, other ethnic minorities, or any combination of races.............More

My Take - Okay, I'm for it.  Let's have reparations!  But first I want the black tribes that enslaved their fellow blacks to pay them.  Oh....wait.....that's right.....they don't consider the blacks they enslaved as "fellow" blacks since they were of different tribes, or worse yet, enemies of the ruling class in their own tribe, which meant there had to be some family relationship. 

But one thing we know for sure - white America didn't enslave them - they bought them and kept them enslaved but it was blacks and the Arab Muslim slavers and traders who enslaved them and sold them - and continue to do so today.  So let's start there first.

Okay, that's covered so then let's take a look at the whole picture.  Over 600,000 young white men died in the Civil War to free slaves.  Whose going to pay compensation for those lives?  If modern whites - the vast majority of whom didn't have families who owned slaves - have to pay reparations, then I want modern blacks, who should be thankful their families were brought here as slaves since no black society anywhere in the world lives the same quality life as American blacks do - to pay compensation to all the modern American whites, including me even though my family didn't come here until the 20th century, for all those white deaths. At this point - no matter what figures anyone can come with for their enslavement - that price will be minuscule compared to compensation for all the deaths of all those young white men.  In some counties is some states none of the men who went to war came back.  A whole generation wiped out.  Now tell me again about the pain of slavery! 

At this point black America is working on a deficit they can't possibly repay, and what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  So I'm for it, let's do reparations!  And while were at it let's end all welfare programs and any aid directed to blacks including preferential treatment in academia and job placement.  

Let's try and see this clearly. 

This nation has gone way and beyond to try and make up for all of that.  No nation on Earth, or in human history, has done more than has the United States.  We've literally pumped billion of dollars into black America in one way or another and they're now worse off than before we started.  No ethnic group has more been given to the with less results than black Americans. 

They have access to excellent schools and education and still score at the bottom of the IQ tests.  And they refuse to learn.  They fail to go to those schools.  The violence in these schools makes educating them impossible. They fail to graduate, and when they do it's because they were pushed through without merit in so many cases.  As for the black students who are trying to learn - they're bullied by stupid, lazy thugs accusing them of "acting white". 

My mother, who is 92, is now and has always been an FDR Democrat who believes in all the conservative values but never saw a Republican she could stand or a Democrat she couldn't love.     Even she realized if we took all the wealth in the world and divided it equally in five years the rich would be rich and the poor would be poor again.  Why?  Life style and values.  How much we make is important.  How much we spend and what we spend it on is more important.

This is a society with an over 70% illegitimacy rate.  This is a society that cannot be helped.  If they refuse to see the real problem in their community they can't help themselves.  And no one else can help them either.  Because victimhood is so much easier, and as long as whitie keeps sending them checks  for making babies - that illigitimacy will grow - and their community is doomed, and no amount of money will fix it.   

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