Monday, March 13, 2017

Liberals say King Kong represents black people

By Ed Straker March 12, 2017

With a new movie about King Kong coming out, a whole segment on NPR was devoted to proving that the fictional King Kong monster is actually a commentary on black people. The show interviewed Robin Means Coleman, a professor of Afro-American studies at the University of Michigan who specializes in studying King Kong. Yes, you read that right: a professor of Afro-American studies whose specialty is...King Kong.   Without any real racism to talk about, racism-mongers have to justify their pay by making this stuff up......To Read More....

My Take - Someone will pay you for specializing in the study of King Kong? Really?  Paid to study a fictional character that most assuredly couldn't have lived on some small isolated island.  Where's the genetic pool necessary to allow for such a creature, and if there was a genetic pool that large - how could they possibly find enough food to survive?  So what's to study?  And someone is paid to study King Kong? 

I know I keep saying that but I just can't help feeling incredulous.  So, let's extrapolate that.  Coleman is a professor of Afro-American studies - right?  Is it possible he sees a comparison between blacks and monkeys?  Comparing blacks to King Kong never occurred to me.  Did it occur to you?  If not - who's the racist here?  Or is this just another scheme out of academia to find false racism against blacks  in order to condemn white America hoping to promote even more white guilt?  Well, that may play with NPR, but that's about worn out it's welcome in most of white America.

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