Thursday, March 2, 2017

Race in America

Capitulating to Black Racism 
Colin Flaherty

President Trump has a surprising solution to black violence and the enormous gap between white people and black people in America: Same-old, same-old. The scene of this epic capitulation was the Oval Office, where this week a posse of black executives from black colleges were happy that the same guy they have vilified for two years seems oddly eager to let bygones be bygones. Every person in that room knew Trump had only two choices:

1) Grab the entire system of racial preferences and quotas by the stem and pull it out by the roots; or 2) Pretend that system does not promote black on white hostility and violence, and double down with more preferences, more quotas, more stories of relentless black victimization and white racism.

Trump chose Number 2. .....More

Black Victimhood: the club no one can join

By Daniel G. Jones March 1, 2017

Black identity, defined by blood, opens the door to “victimhood status” and a racial spoils system.
In 2015, a woman was fired from several positions because of her race. Liberals, whom you’d normally expect to be up in arms over this sort of injustice, were silent. The media gave the story wide coverage and, as is their habit in cases of racial discrimination, voiced a uniform opinion. Their opinion in this case was unusual: the woman deserved to be fired because she was the wrong race.  That woman was Rachel Dolezal, who lost her presidency of the Spokane branch of the NAACP, her chairpersonship of Spokane’s Police Ombudsman Commission, her teaching position at Eastern Washington University (she taught in the Africana Education program), and her freelance status as a contributor to Spokane’s The Inlander, when it was discovered that she was white. (She’d been outed by her white parents with whom she was estranged.)..........More

What Reparationists Really Want

By on February 27, 2017 in Daily Rant, Economy Finances, Education, Politics, Race Politics 12
Blacks are singularly interested in being angry and accusatory. As a child, we had a saying: “Ignorance is bliss and there are a lot of blissful people out there.” I believe that is most applicable to those who prattle on about blacks being owed reparations and the country being built on the backs of slaves. […] Continue Reading

Equality, Racism, and Hypocrisy   By on March 1, 2017 in Daily Rant, Faith  Family, Race Politics, RoseAnn Salanitri 0  
All racists have one thing in common. They are hateful human beings. Perhaps an unspoken truism is “Hypocrites you will have with you always.” While sinfulness is part of human nature, hypocrisy goes back to the Garden of Eden when Eve first rationalized that truth can be subjective, hypocritically disregarding the wisdom of He who […]Continue Reading

What Moral Authority Does a Lying Racist Like John Lewis Have?

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