Friday, January 11, 2019

Trump hailed as new Gandhi: Watch leftist heads explode

As the showdown over the border wall and the government shutdown bores through, American Spectator writer Jeffrey Lord has recognized something interesting about President Trump's unwavering stance:

He's just like Gandhi.

That should set a few lefties' hair on fire. After all, isn't Mohandas Gandhi, whose nonviolent resistance won India its independence, the left's favorite peacenik? Didn't Hollywood's lefties hand the Gandhi movie an Academy Award?

They'll go nuts at this New Gandhi paradigm, but Lord's argument is good for understanding Trump and why he's likely to win his border wall battle, even with a leftist House to work with.

The secret, Lord says, is that Trump has Gandhi's intense and singular focus in an against-all-odds environment.  He writes: .............Read more:

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