Friday, January 11, 2019

The Useful Idiot Is Back

January 10, 2019 By John Kinsellagh

Mitt Romney started the new year with a bang, by writing a highly critical op-ed in The Washington Post, harshly rebuking the president of his own party. Romney may have thought he was calling attention to Trump's character defects, but all he accomplished, even if unwittingly, was to raise the ire of conservatives and remind them of the rank and manifest stupidity of former leaders of the party Establishment. Romney's attack also provided Republican voters an occasion for self-congratulation on the decision to banish witless Republicans like Romney to the hinterlands during the last election.

Romney exhibited one of the most emblematic and unforgiving characteristics of the Old Guard of the party: playing the role of useful idiots for the Democratic Party and its wholly owned subsidiary, the mainstream media. Romney's rebuke of Trump, penned in the paper that serves as the official communications organ of the Democratic Party, clearly indicates he has been afflicted with a terminal case of "McCain Syndrome," a disease that has plagued the Old Guard of the Republican Party for the past thirty years............"They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.".......To Read More....

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