Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bank of America’s Anti-2A Activism Is Dystopian Lunacy

Stephen Kruiser May 11, 2018

Remember, they don’t really want to take our guns. They keep reassuring us of that.

There’s just one thing: they really do.

As legal gun owners in America are still — for now anyway — protected by the Constitution, the increasingly zealous anti-gun crowd is getting creative in their attempts to take away freedom.
And they’re taking their cues from a traumatized adolescent.

There are any number of ways for the anti-gun people to make life even more difficult. Deep blue  states are already ahead in the game with onerous obstacles to merely owning a firearm.  Gun owners, however, are small fry to the zealots. The big fish are the gun manufacturers.
The effort to shame various entities into stop investing in gun companies has been picking up steam in recent months.

Bank of America — the nation’s second largest bank — was fairly quick to jump on the post-Parkland hysteria bandwagon.................To Read More.....

My Take - I put this in the category of hyperbole.  Pointing out that this company is taking this position is legitimate news, but the reality is a company can pretty much do as it pleases as long as its legal. 

What are the real consequences of this action?  Other companies who don't take this position will reap the financial rewards. 

Let them all make their choices and let them all face the consequences of those choices, either good or bad.  If a company can be intimidated by a brat, I wonder who else can intimidate them?  Perhaps they can be intimidated into refusing to fund:
  • Mining companies 
  • Logging companies
  • Chemical companies, especially those manufacturing pesticides
  • Building of Christian churches
  • Coal and gas fired power plants
  • Oil drilling
  • Oil refineries
  • GMO agriculture
  • CRISPR medical research
How about a bank that will only fund Green Initiatives? 

If that's how they feel that's what they should do, but if anyone has stock in that company they need to sell it now. 

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