Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Florida teacher sparked a firestorm

A Florida teacher sparked a firestorm of controversy after demanding that children as young as 9-years old refer to her by the "gender-neutral" term "Mix," abbreviated Mx., instead of the tradition Miss or Ms, reports The New American's Alex Newman. She also demanded that the young children use pronouns such as "they" and "their" instead of the traditional she and her. When outraged parents protested, the school initially defended the teacher. But when it became an international scandal, school officials backed down slightly, assuring parents that the teacher would not be trying to impose her gender ideology on children. Still, Newman says, the incident is just one symptom of the accelerating madness overtaking society via the government "education" system.

Don't Tell the Children - Our schools are doing a great job – of keeping kids ignorant about Islam. In recent years, a growing focus of my concern has been the staggering ignorance of millions of young Americans when it comes to certain fundamental and crucially important matters. One of those matters is the evil of Communism: just the other day came news of a report showing that roughly half of young Americans would prefer to live under that system, a clear indication that their history teachers have entirely misinformed them on the topic. Another, related matter is the greatness of America: again, history teachers are at fault, having played up the horrors of slavery, the mistreatment American Indians, and the debacle of Vietnam (so that some kids actually think America is uniquely evil) while soft-pedaling our nation's role as a revolutionary beacon of freedom, fortress of democracy, and guarantor of world order............

An Anti-Semitic Purge At McGill University  - BDS activists force student to conceal his Jewish identity -- and then target him for destruction. ​Despite suffering several public and humiliating reversals in various forums and venues, those pushing for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel have not dispensed with their pernicious campaign of hate. The latest outrage perpetrated by BDS activists occurred at McGill University, where a Jewish student and two non-Jewish students identified as pro-Israel were removed from their positions as directors of the Students Society of McGill University (SSMU)..............

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