Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trump Effect Hits GOP Fundraising, Surpasses Obama’s 6 Month Mark

By Andrew West August 2, 2017

Trump is proving himself, time and again, to be an enigma in the world of modern politics. The unconventional President was considered an absolute long shot early in the race for the White House, with pundits openly laughing at guests and politicians who believed that Trump would stand a chance against the corrupt Clinton machine. Of course, we now know who had the last laugh in that regard. Now, as the Trump Train continues rolling through Washington D.C., a number of shocking revelations have come to light regarding the popular nature of the Commander in Chief; not the least of which are the astonishing republican party fundraising figures being spawned by the Trump Effect......To Read More....

My Take - The Swamp monsters like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Kasich will never get it.  They think they can control everything still, and only those in outright opposition to their positions get it and are willing to say so.  My guess there's a lot more who get it in Washington than the media and the GOP leadership claim, or believe exist - after all - ideology makes smart people stupid and you can't fix stupid.  But here's a one immutable fact: heterodoxy isn't for the faint of heart and these swamp monster mimics in the party - who are going along to get along - are giving the leadership the impression they're still in charge. 

After the first of the year that's going to change.

It's going to become more and more clear it's the Republican Party apparatchiks who are being blamed for this mess in Washington by the American people - not Donald Trump - and it's also going to become clear if these go-along-to-get-along boys will have to start moving in Trump's direction if they want to be re-elected.  I think that's even going to be true with some Democrats.   

My prediction.  The 2018 midterms are going to shock a lot of people and there will be new leadership in both chambers and both parties.  By the end of 2020 election Washington will have looked like a blood bath. 

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