Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trump approval rebounds to 45%, surges among Hispanics, union homes, men

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President Trump is the new "comeback kid," with his approval rating in a new national poll rebounding after a freefall.  The latest Zogby Analytics survey, provided to Secrets, gave Trump a 45 percent approval rating, driven by big gains among Hispanics, union households and voters in the West.......To Read More.....

My Take - I stopped paying attention to polls decades ago.  They've become nothing short of propaganda tools for someone's agenda.   One day Trump is in the low 30 percentile bracket and next thing you know he's almost in the 50 percentile bracket.  Do I change my views every hour on the hour? No!  Do you?

I'm willing to bet the vast majority on either side of every issue are almost totally unchangeable.  Mostly because the vast majority are stunningly uninformed, misinformed, largely uninterested and....well.....stupid!  Speaking of which - I know those on the left are true believers no matter how many facts show they're views are looney tunes - and they're absolutely unchangeable, and these groups which were considered the Democrat base may not have really been so. 

Conservatives believe what they believe because their views are based on history and reality, as a result they can explain their views.  Leftists veiws are solidly grounded in the quicksand of emotion.  And you can't reason someone out of veiws they've not been reasoned into.  And when confronted with the facts start screaming and yelling invectives. 

So how do these numbers fluctuate so radically?  Polls are statistics, and there's a reason statistics is called the arcane science. They make them up.  Not directly, but by wording things in a way to get what numbers they want.  But they're still made up.  In reality - I think Trump's approval by the general public is higher.  Of course there's no way of knowing that without the ultimate poll - an election - and it took more groups other than conservatives to elect him.  Think about that. 

However, there's one poll I do think is worth noting - Congress is in the 20 percentile bracket.  Since in my personal and business life I find virtually everyone has utter and conplete contempt for Congress - that meets my two standards for truth.  History and reality. 

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