Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pulitzer Winning Journalist Ties Seth Rich to Wikileaks, MSM Ignores Him

By Andrew West August 2, 2017

The saga of Seth Rich has been a polarizing topic within our nation’s media landscape in recent weeks, but a new lead in the case threatens to blow the entire narrative wide open.

Seth Rich’s time as a DNC staffer during the 2016 presidential election came to an end shortly after he was rumored to be involved in a massive leak of democratic emails to Wikileaks. Rich wasn’t let go by the suspicious DNC, however. Instead, Rich found himself the victim of a purported “botched robbery” that left him dead, still holding onto his wallet, phone, and watch.

Immediately, suspicions were raised. Once again we were faced with the death of someone close to the Hillary Clinton camp, who would also have been considered a turncoat or enemy of the former Secretary of State. In Rich’s case, his alleged actions were the straw that broke the camel’s back regarding Clinton’s massive history of corruption in the eyes of the American people. The emails that Wikileaks was able to release illustrated yet another scam by Clinton and her cronies to collude with the democratic party’s leadership in order to guarantee her nomination.

Those on the fence regarding Clinton’s ability to lead this nation were quickly and easily swayed toward voting for Donald Trump; an unconventional candidate, but, quite importantly, not a Clinton.......To Read More.....

My Take - Right along this has been treated by the left as an unfortunate criminal act.  It would appear the evidence of this being a political assassination versus a mere criminal act is mounting

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