Friday, August 11, 2017

FBI more Aggressive in Investigation of Trump Team than they Ever were of Hillary

By Onan Coca August 10, 2017

Fox News personality Judge Andrew Napolitano is by no means a “Trump apologist.” He has both defended the President from spurious attacks and he has attacked the President for actions that run counter to his constitutional job description.

Napolitano is a libertarian who generally does his best to land on the side of smaller government, and greater freedom, which is why we should listen to him when he speaks. This week he’s been pointing out the very different tactics being used by the FBI to investigate Trump associate, Paul Manafort, than the tactics the FBI used when investigating Hillary Clinton. .........The problem with the FBI’s mid-night raid on the Manafort home is that the warrant was for information that the government already possessed, making the raid an unnecessary use of force.............To Read More.....

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