Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump: A Master Tactician Serves Filet After the Russian Soufflé Collapses

By Clarice Feldman March 5, 2017

How many people, knowing they have their opponents caught red-handed in what now appears to be the worst political scandal of our lifetime, would wait until those people and their press cohorts fell on their faces before acting on it? Not many, I think, but that seems exactly what President Trump just did. I know, you have been inundated by claims of “Russian influence” brought to bear mysteriously and for no discernible end by the major media. The latest tarring involved Attorney General Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador about which we are supposed to be shocked, and an utterly baseless claim that he lied to Senator Al Franken when he testified before Congress.

A. Background
  • Did Attorney General Sessions Lie?
  • Is There Something Nefarious About a Senator Meeting with the Russian Ambassador?
  • Obama and His Party Have Been Peddling the Claim of Russian Interference From the Moment Trump Won.
B. Game’s Up

After waiting for the Russian soufflé collapse, Trump struck back with a real scandal: the Obama administration -- which, as we’ve noted, changed the intelligence-sharing rules on their way out of office, had illegally been listening in on Trump and his campaign. ...........  Conservative Treehouse credibly reviews the timeline and believes the Mike Rogers, head of NSA, privately briefed Trump about the tapping shortly after the election.  Scott Johnson at Powerline adds:............ John Hinderaker at the same site reports this may lead to the impeachment of the FISA judges who, after refusing to authorized such an improper tap months earlier, acquiesced to Obama when the second request was slightly narrowed.

I think it not unlikely that the tapping occurred even before the FISA authorized any such thing, in which case the criminal charges should be damaging to many more than merely the FISA judges. If the Democrats were so worried about Trump they peddled the ludicrous Russian soufflé to an incredulous press, how worried must they be now? ........ Read more

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