Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Real Cost of Regulations!

By Rich Kozlovich

I often wonder why we fall so easily for politicians who are getting messages from God to adopt policies promoted by socialists, who are functional atheists?

Remember the problem the Democrats had a convention when they had to audacity to mention God in some statement or other – another example of the left’s true nature and its unending ability to turn itself into an angel of light like a chameleon trying to disguise itself. Of course the New Republic has it’s own twist on this event – filled with logical fallacies – can you find them in this article?

What we need is clarity! When a politician starts telling you he’s adopting socialism to please God it can only mean one thing. Any valid arguments he might have to justify his position are weak and shallow, ergo, he resorts to faith. It's like leftists telling you we have to eliminate pesticides because "it's for the children", in spite of the fact history has shown that policy - starting with the treasonous ban on DDT - has been responsible for hundreds of millions being sickened "yearly", and up to 100 million dying unecessarily since the imposition of that unscientific ban promoted by Richard Nixon and his cat's paw, Bill Ruckleshaus, for political reasons.

Here’s the real world of regulation and socialist policies.

I posted an article four years ago on January 17, 2013 stating that since Obama became President the cost of regulations had increased by $518 billion (much of what's in that article is in the link to my Get Out of Debt Card article below), regulations that cost $1.863 trillion dollars a year in 2013, "which is more than the GDP of Canada or Australia. In fact, if U.S. regulation were a country, it would have the 10th largest economy worldwide, ranked between India and Italy." And that doesn't include all the local and state regulations - which including rules for implementation that in reality become de-facto laws - are astronomical.

The interest on the national debt alone is almost half a trillion dollars, each and every year – and this is when the interest rates are amazingly low. What happens when the Fed finally starts raising the interest rate – and that has to eventually happen. The government can’t keep printing money that has no basis in value and then borrow from itself.

Does it ever occur to anyone the reason the government involves itself in issues such as minimum wage is because of the cost of taxes and regulations? Why is it impossible for the typical American worker to make it on one income? The cost of taxes and regulations requires two income families, if they want to have anything that mimics the American Dream!

Yet there’s a way out that no one….and I mean no one….. talks about. Get Out of Debt Card! It can be done, but increasing taxes, regulation and the expansion of services such as Medicare/Medicaid are not part of the solution. They’re part of the problem. We just think we owe 20 trillion dollars. In reality, counting all the social obligations – the United States is on the hook for possibly as much as 200 trillion dollars. We had better play this get out of debt card soon or there will be no out!

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