Friday, March 10, 2017

THAAD-Derangement Syndrome — Welcome to North Korea

Our response to Kim Jong Un’s latest missile launch is very much on target — just what Ronald Reagan ordered.

Jed Babbin March 8, 2017

The timing was pretty good. On Tuesday, less than two days after North Korea launched four ballistic missiles toward Japan (which dropped into the ocean), U.S. Air Force aircraft landed at Osan Air Base in South Korea, delivering the first parts of the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense (“THAAD”) system for deployment there.

The Norks described their missile launches as a “practice drill” to attack U.S. forces in Japan. Adm. Harry Harris, commander of Pacific Command, issued a statement that said, “Continued provocative actions by North Korea, to include yesterday’s launch of multiple missiles, only confirm the prudence of our alliance decision last year to deploy THAAD to South Korea.” ........President Reagan thus laid out the moral necessity of missile defense. Only an aggressor — as the Soviet Union was and Putin’s Russia, China and North Korea are today — can object to purely defensive systems. Each in its own way, then and today, sought and now seeks the clear advantage of attacking without warning and catching our defenses in a state of inadequacy. Missile defenses make the threat of a surprise attack much less than it was before the defenses were in place........To Read More....

My Take - The Chinese and N. Koreans spout on about not having an arms race, but the real reason is they can't afford it.  That's what destroyed the Soviet Union and it would destroy China and N. Korea.  At some point even N. Koreans will have to stand up on their hind legs and dump the family who has left them starving and miserable for almost sixty years.  As for China - it's on the verge of an economic collapse. 

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