Thursday, March 9, 2017

Some Quick Thoughts on WikiLeaks’s Release of CIA Hacking Documents

by Fred Fleitz March 7, 2017

According to press reports, WikiLeaks today released thousands of highly classified CIA documents on methods the CIA allegedly is using to conduct cyber warfare. If these documents are legitimate, this illegal release will ruin cyber programs worth billions of dollars that the CIA was using to do battle with America’s enemies, especially terrorist groups. The CIA officer who took the law into his or her hands to release this material justified this release by claiming this data “urgently need to be debated in public, including whether the CIA’s hacking capabilities exceed its mandated powers and the problem of public oversight of the agency.” The source also said he or she “wishes to initiate a public debate about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.”............Read more

My Take - I've read this kind of thing before and his analysis offers a different perspective that shouldn't be dismissed lightly, but his initial thoughts that it's "nonsense" over who and why this information came to be made public seems strange to me.   But as the journalist said in the movie Charlie Wilson's War - We'll see!

However......In the meanwhile.........we need to pay less attention to these pontifications, that may be a deliberate distraction, and more attention to the facts of the case. And the one overwhelming and overiding fact we need to pay attention to is this - A whole lot of people in the intelligence circles are hip deep in criminal activity if not treason.

Everything else is a side bar or a distraction.

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