Monday, March 6, 2017

Senators Queried: Which Ambassadors Did You Meet With?

By Michael W. Chapman | March 3, 2017

Given the media scrutiny and harsh criticism by some congressmen of Senator Jeff Session's (R-Ala.) -- now Attorney General Sessions -- two meetings with the Russian ambassador in 2016, and that U.S. senators regularly meet with ambassadors as part of their job, a government accountability group is calling on all senators to disclose the ambassador meetings they had over the last three years.

In a statement released today, Matthew G. Whitaker, the executive director of the Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust (FACT), said, “Attorney General Sessions correctly stated that meeting with ambassadors to the United States from other countries was part his job as a U.S. senator.  He said he met with two dozen ambassadors in 2016 and actually met with the Ukrainian ambassador the day before he met with the Russian ambassador."

"Other senators in both parties have mentioned they too have met with ambassadors," said Whitaker.  "FACT is now calling on all U.S. senators, Democrat and Republican, to immediately release the names and dates of all their meetings with ambassadors over the last three years."......To Read More....

My Take - As this plays out we will see the media start soft soaping this whole mess.  Why?  Because it's backfiring on the Democrats.  Worse yet - it's opened a can of worms that may cause some of Obama's people to end up being indicted for criminal activity.....and maybe Obama himself.   

Here's what I think is the beauty of this. 

If the claims regarding the leaks from the intelligence community and phone tapping end up being true no one can claim Trump did this as a witch hunt.  He didn't start it, they did.  Worse yet for the left - Trump's Justice Department is now obligated to investigate the whole intelligence community to find out what shenanigans that went on between them and Obama.  And rightly so, otherwise national security is at risk.  It would also seem likely some in the media will come under criminal investigation. 

Talk about blowing yourself up with your own petard.  This is going to be interesting to watch. 

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