Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Resist What? The Left’s Resistance Calendar

At its core, the radicals embrace the defeat of America overseas and its ruination at home. Anyone who doubts this should just look back to the last time the Left manifested this much enthusiasm in the streets and in the media: the 1970s. The very idea of “making America great” infuriates them. It is the Leftist strategy of intimidation and force on behalf of an ideology that has only brought disastrous failure wherever it has been imposed that truly needs to be resisted.

By William R. Hawkins

President Trump has only been in office a bit over a month. So, what is the “madness” that the Left is “resisting?” And what appeal can the protests have to the general public?.........A major theme of many protests, especially those held at Congressional offices, is to keep Obamacare. Yet, there is fast becoming nothing to keep as the system is collapsing..........An indicator of what is motivating the Left on women’s issues was an essay in the liberal journal The New Republic by Jessa Crispin entitled “The Failure of Mainstream Feminism” (Feb. 13). She is aghast that a majority of white women voted for Trump, many under the feminist banner. She argues that feminism has failed because it has abandoned its radical Left roots.........Read More......

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