Thursday, March 9, 2017

Racist College Admins Fighting Against White Students “Appropriating” Style

By Andrew West March 8, 2017

The racism of the “tolerant” left has become an uneasy punchline for many in the conservative community, and the latest news from the world of academics just isn’t funny.  Groups such as Black Lives Matter have been working overtime to drive a wedge between Americans since their inception, blurring the line between hate speech and mere opinion.  This uncouth and unacceptable tactic has its roots in the segregation of yesteryear, and the latest aggravation coming out of Pitzer college is reinforcing these dangerous ideas.........According to staff at Pitzer College, white women wearing hoop earrings is a massive racial issue worthy of on-campus vandalism........By allowing radicalized leftists to decide which opinions will be considered fact, and which of those opinions is “offensive” is yet another divisive and ridiculous tactic used by the liberals to keep conservative, levelheaded Americans off-balance in terms of what they deem “acceptable”........To Read More.....

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