Monday, March 6, 2017

Observations From the Back Row: Treason By Any Other Name Stinks as Badly

By Rich Kozlovich

If ever there was a political perfect storm for the Trump administration - this is it.  Until further evidence appears, here's the way I see this.

It's believed the intelligence services have so much dope on the power players they're afraid to go after them.  Some may laugh at this, but remember J. Edgar Hoover had massive files on all the politicians and their personal behavior - one of the reasons he despised he Kennedy's - he scared them to death, and that's why he stayed Director of the FBI from 1924 till 1972.  All except for Ricard Nixon.  Nixon's reputation was so bad he couldn't hurt him at all, and there's not one iota of evidence he ever cheated on his wife.  Hoover had to grovel to keep his job.  The intelligence services can't possible hurt Trump's reputation because it's so bad nothing they can say will matter, so he can go after them without fear.

And that needs to happen because we know from the Venona Intercepts going all the way back to the Roosevelt administration the intelligence services have been co-opted by leftists for decades. Who knows what's going on now.  That will take a criminal investigation to find out.

As for the wire tapping - it's my guess is the wire tap actually took place - and it's my guess it was done illegally.  It's my guess the responsibility for that action goes to the top of the Obama administration, including,  Podesta, Axerod and the real President of the United States at that time, Valerie Jarrett and Obama himself. 

It's my guess they co-opted the intelligence services and thought they would be honest crooks - meaning once co-opted you stayed co-opted - and kept their mouths shut.  However, life doesn't work that way.  There was bound to be people who knew what was going on that weren't part of the cabal, and they spilled the beans.  Now these "honest" crooks will start singing to save their own hides.  And their denials leave a lot to be desired since we already know they targeted - in my mind illegally - journalists like James Rosen, who became the target of surveillance under the Obama administration, along with Sheryl Atkinson.

The media is already soft soaping some of the false charges against Trumpers because they realized very quickly this was going to boomerang against Obama, and since they've slobbered over him all these years they're going to do everything they can to protect him now. As a result, they will be despised by the public even more than they already are.  I have to believe some of these leftist media propaganda outlets, aka, the Main Stream Media, are going to go out of business before the 2020 election.

Congress wants the Trump administration to let Congress do it's job and investigate. Wrong, all that will do is bury this, and worse yet, they'll end up giving immunity to big players who should be prosecuted, which they've done in the past.   That's not the way it's supposed to work. Immunity is supposed to go to bit players to get the big players.

But the fact of the matter is Trump won't have to wait on Congressional investigations, since it seems clear someone violated the law, all he has to do is turn the Justice Department loose and let the investigations begin, and then refuse to cooperate with Congress as there will be an ongoing criminal investigation. If Congress gets cranky about it - the Trump team will have ample ammunition to show how massively ineffectual they've been over the last eight years with millions spent on investigations that went nowhere.  That will be a public relations nightmare for Congressional Republicans. After that - let the prosecutions begin, and the left will have to shoulder the blame because the Democrats started a fire storm that's now getting out of their control, and if what's being said is true - it's going to burn them badly, because now this is a clear national security issue.

Furthermore, this investigation should go far, deep and wide into all the intelligence services, the judiciary, and all government departments and agencies and find out who conspired with whom, and for what reason. Once that information is made public this will justify purging all the underground fellow travellers in every federal government agency in existence, and hopefully the total elimination of some of those agencies, and prosecution of everyone involved in criminal activity, including the judiciary.

If what's being said is true - then let's start calling this "scandal" for what it is - treason!

Editor's Note: Below are a few articles dealing with this for your perusal. This scandal is potentially so large, so profound, so all encompassing it may determine the future of a world already on the verge of chaos. RK

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