Saturday, March 4, 2017

Observations From the Back Row: Hollywood Science Experts, Part I

By Rich Kozlovich

I posted a link to this article, When Celebrity And Science Collide: Hollywood And The Anti-Biotechnology Food Movement, where the author takes these 'celebrity experts' to task, but one thing that's becoming apparent - fewer and fewer people care what these Hollywood loons think. And all this blatherous emoting and irrational behavior out of Hollywood over Trump makes them look like a bunch of spoiled brats and further erodes their credibility. 

Let's try and get this right. 

These are people who excel at pretending they're someone else - mostly people who never existed - while mouthing words they memorized, written by someone else, while being told how to say those words, by another person, in order to maximize the emotional impact on an audience.  All the while being professionally filmed by a bunch of others to enhance that image.

That makes them look smarter, faster, tougher and depending on the theme of this fictional character they're promoting more empathetic, more compassionate, more likable, or more sympathetic, but that's all illusion. That's why they call it acting.

Let's get this right.  Being a celebrity is their only qualification! Not being an actor, singer or comedian - being a celebrity!  Why don't they send in actors, singers or comedians who no one ever heard of? Because they're actors, singers or comedians no one ever heard of. They're just actors, singers or comedians - not celebrities!

How many actual scientists who testify does anyone know?  Unless you're involved in their fields - or as in my case I write about them - the public is clueless as to who they are.  So why are they there?  They're there because they really are experts, not celebrities playing at being an expert.

Although in recent years we're finding so many of these experts are actors like Bill Nye, The Science Guy, and Doctor Oz, who has been ripped by scientists for a lot of their views. These 'experts' they have to face the music within the scientific community after they spew out nonsense. Who do these actors have to answer to? 

When they're called before some Congressional panel to testify about issues in which they're completely unqualified to speak - that's not fine - because they're totally unqualified to be there unless they're there to sit down, shut their mouths, listen and learn. But that's not what "celebrities" do and that's not celebrities are used to.

Once these people reach a certain level of celebrity they live in a world of "yes"! Everything they say and do is "news", everything they think is "important", every utterance is splashed over the media as if what they say really means something - or anything for that matter - and many in the public eat it up.  But when you turn out the lights - you get someone who was parking cars, pumping gas and waiting on tables, but now they've become 'stars' and society hungers for their insights on life.

What a sorry state we're in, but I'm going to help fix that.  I've a lot of articles stored on these "Hollywood" experts views on science issues. 

This is Part I. 


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