Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Media, Deep State lies: Conditioning America to accept the absurd

Here's a prediction: it will be proven true that the U.S. government under Obama illegally spied on the opposition party through Trump Tower communications intercepts in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 8 presidential election. Here's another prediction: Obama himself will get away with it because, to quote another lying politician, "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is." Absurd, but apparently acceptable in 2017 America. If you read the surveillance denials by Obama and his cohorts, you will find them to be highly parsed and full of loopholes:..........The goal of the left and their Deep-State-establishment-Republican fellow travelers is – through "narratives" – to condition the American people to accept absurdities as truths so we will ignore the absolute mess elected officials from both parties have made of our country over the last several decades.  "Narrative" is Deep State-speak for "lies."  The goal is to keep the establishment in power so that they, the elites, can continue feeding at the public trough, becoming wealthy at the expense of the people. This is precisely why we must drain the swamp........ Read more

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