Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is Google another step closer to being unblocked in China?

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 March, 2017, 12:41pm, UPDATED : Sunday, 12 March, 2017, 11:11pm

If negotiations go through, Google Scholar may be search giant’s first service to re-enter world’s biggest internet market, Chinese lawmaker reveals.

Google is still in talks with Beijing over its plans to return to the mainland Chinese market, according to a senior Chinese lawmaker and former top official with knowledge of the negotiations.

“China has been in touch with Google through various channels. Last year, leaders of our country’s important department had further communication with Google,” said Liu Binjie, a standing committee member of the National People’s Congress and former head of the General Administration of Press and Publication............Since Google pulled its search engine out of mainland China in 2010 after a bitter spat with Beijing over its strict censorship rules, the internet giant has from time to time expressed its desire to venture back into the world’s biggest internet market...........To Read More....
My Take - Here's my experience with this whole thing.  At one time I almost never got a hit out of China, and then a couple of years ago or so I started getting so  many hits out of china they went from not being on the charts to number two in less that 18 months.  Then the hits stopped. Now I'm back to rarely getting a hit out of China.  Why?  Because I'm blocked, and I would guess it's because I posted a host of articles about China, writing some myself - and they weren't flattering.  Was P&D deliberately blocked or just part of an overall stoppage?  I have no idea, but this is the thought we have to take away on this.
China is on the verge of an economic disaster.  They have a leader who wants to be Mao and the communist party wants to continue controlling every aspect of their economy.  The ethnic makeup of China is not a happy one.  The ethnic Han rule China and they live in an area that's about the size of everything East of the Mississippi because the rest of the country is either mountainous or desert. 
These outer areas are dominated by other ethnic groups who hate the Han and consider the communist party an illegitimate government, many of the Han also consider this government to be illegitimate,  and there's a social rift between the people of northern and southern China.   The last thing this government wants is access to unfiltered, undoctored, unflattering information in the hands of the people. 
If this thing happens it will because Google compromised beyond belief.  Having said that - technology being what it is - it's just a matter of time before countries won't be able to stop this, unless the world's governments decide to destroy the Internet. And if the leftists, liberals and multiculturalists get their way and the UN takes control - that's exactly what will happen.

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