Saturday, March 4, 2017

Feel the Bern: Venezuela's epileptic patients struggle with seizures amid drug shortage

By Andreina Aponte Reuters

Venezuelan plumber Marcos Heredia scoured 20 pharmacies in one day but could not find crucial medicines to stop his epileptic 8-year-old from convulsions that caused irreparable brain damage late last year.  The once giggly and alert boy, also called Marcos, could no longer sit on his own and began to shut off from the outside world.

"I called people in the cities of San Cristobal, Valencia, Puerto La Cruz, Barquisimeto, and no one could find the medicine," Heredia, 43, said in the family's bare living room in a windy slum overlooking an international airport in the coastal state of Vargas.  "You can't find the medicines, and the government doesn't want to accept that."
Heredia ended up traveling 860 km (540 miles) by bus to the Colombian border to pick up medicine a cousin had bought him in the neighboring country. He was back at work the next day.  Venezuela's brutal recession is worsening shortages of medicines from painkillers to chemotherapy drugs.
With 85 of every 100 medicines  now missing in Venezuela, anti-convulsants are among the toughest drugs to find, Venezuela's main pharmaceutical association said.......To Read More....
My Take - Well, what more can anyone say?  I do wish these lunatics who went around cheering Bernie Sanders and wanted the country to "Feel the Bern" would go there for just six months and see what Bernie and his insane followers actaully deliver to the world.  They promise utopia but never fail to deliver dystopia.  Misery, squalor, disease, starvation, suffering and early death.  Entirely too many poor suffering people of the world have "felt the Bern".  Doesn't anyone read a history book once in a while?

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